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It is a multifunctional floor covering fit for various interiors and combining modern technologies as well as centuries-old traditions perfectly. Read more ►►


  • This floor covering is an alternative for wooden, laminated and other coverings (to be laid on smoothened concrete surface or wood floor).
  • Substitute for carpet or carpeting.
  • The covering can be laid over the heated floor.
  • The covering for children’s and elderly people’s rooms (soft and nonslip).
  • Nonslip and dump resistant bathroom floor covering.
  • Floor covering in premises without central heating system.
  • Substitute for bed mattresses (Vashi paper fabric).


  • Temperature and dump balance control in premises (cooling in summer and warming in winter). Power-efficient.
  • Perfect noise insulation.
  • Ecological and safe.
  • Does not cause allergies (prevents accumulation of dust mites and mould).
  • Reduces concentrations of harmful materials in newly-constructed premises.
  • Recommended as a mattress for people with spine problems.
  • Durable.
  • Tender, soft and warm.
  • Vide variety of colours (wood fabric and synthetics)
  • Easy to handle and clean. Washable.
  • Easy to lay.
  • 100% recyclable after service period expires.

Outer fabric types

  • Wood fabric (Vashi paper).
  • Traditional Juncus herb flooring.
  • Linen fabric.
  • Leather fabric.
  • Synthetic fabric.

Filling types

  • Various layered cedar fibre (depends on the place to be laid in).
  • Grained wood coal layer (adds softness and additionally cleans air).
  • Milled Hinoki wood. Japanese cypress (bed mattresses).
  • Hinoki wood fibre.
  • Polystyrene layer (if laid on concrete of naked floor).
  • Pressed rice straw (traditional covering).
  • Bottom. Nonslip material.


  • Thickness: 8 mm, 15 mm, 25 mm, 55 mm or 60 mm.
  • Standard sizes:
    176 cm x 88 cm,
    88 cm x 88 cm,
    86 cm x 86 cm
    82 cm x 82 cm.

Products and all composites made in Japan.

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